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What I always enjoyed about Morticia and Gomez was how they made no secret that they passionately loved each other. We get so used to seeing depictions (on television especially) of married couples in continual states of contention—belittling one another, falling into the wife/mother-husband/child trope, and generally disrespecting each other, which made me wonder why they even bothered marrying in the first place.

But Gomez and Morticia never lose their desire and respect for each other. Is it because they’re “weird” that it’s acceptable to depict married life so positively? Or are they “strange” because, after three children and a lifetime together, they still adore each other? I know no marriage is perfect, but wouldn’t it be nice if the media portrayed marriage as more than a continuous state of exasperation and anger? Maybe that’s why romance novelists and romance novel readers are so embattled: because we dare to believe in love. 

“How long has it been since we waltzed?”


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titan arum and rafflesia produce the largest flowers in the world and both have the nickname “carrion flower” for creating odors that smell like rotten meat so stick that on your head and crown it

I love the flower crown meme but this made me laugh so damn hard.

also titan arum’s Latin name literally translates to ‘giant misshapen phallus’ so

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